Biography of the Goldene Zitronen

Founded in 1984, the Goldene Zitronen held their first gig on Hafenstrasse in Hamburg. To this day, their ideals are those of the left-wing counterculture, of political and culture resistance. Although they were part of the punk scene of the time, their ironic, satirical approach contrasted with the usual punk codices. The single 'Am Tag, als Thomas Anders starb' (On the day Thomas Anders died, 1986) branded them as a scandal band and became the most successful German-speaking independent single. Despite their growing popularity in the late 1980s, they rejected all offers of recording contracts from the music industry because the punk "mentality" always had expressly anti-capitalist connotations for them. In the early 1990s, the LPs 'Fuck you' (1990) and 'Punkrock' (1991) heralded both a musical and topical realignment from "fun punk" towards more clearly politically-oriented lyrics. The band also reacted to the upsurge in racism in the post-reunification years. The release of the LP 'Das bißchen Totschlag' (That little bit of manslaughter, 1994) saw the Goldene Zitronen placing themselves outside an definable genre for the first time. Time and again, the band's flexibility has been given a boost through collaboration with musical acquaintances.

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